There are many different ways to explain what NLP is. The long name for it is Neuro Linguist Programing which highlights the three parts of the human communication process which it addresses. Created in the 1970’s by Richard Bandler and John Grinder, NLP sought to integrate the best tools from the most highly effective fields of Psychotherapy.


NLP utilises the principles of Neuroscience, which explain how the brain contains Neural Pathways that communicate messages to the mind and body. It works with the belief that the human brain is superb at learning patterns, which in NLP is referred to as ‘programmes’. Although the brain has the capacity to learn multiple patterns efficiently, it is also indiscriminate and many of these well-learnt patterns can actually cause us problems. Very often some of the unconscious patterns we adhere to hold us back from achieving our true potential or keep us in what is referred to as a ‘stuck state’.  This is evident in when we face inner conflict. On one hand, we know consciously that we want to make a change but on the other hand, for some reason something just seems to be holding us back. It is this ‘something’ that NLP seeks to unravel as it all points back to the ‘mind’. Language is also a very important tool in NLP. Picking up on a client’s use of language will be one aspect of identifying and working through problem areas.

NLP works with the belief that anything, which is learnt, can also be unlearnt. This means ultimately we are the masters of our mind and have the capacity to re-design our thought patterns, feelings, responses and behaviour. With the use of NLP we are able to reprograme ourselves and facilitate the reprogramming in others.

The benefits of NLP are limitless and it can be used to address a number of situations such as, gaining more confidence, self discovery, living with past memories, curing phobias or simply understanding and relating with people better.  Many practitioners choose to use NLP on its own, however, I decided to be flexible in my approach and tailor its use to the individual, which may mean incorporating some of the principles and techniques within our coaching session. My aim is to provide my clients with the best service possible and achieve maximum results.

NLP to the mind is like the soil of which the seeds of a tree are planted in. For the seeds to grow into a healthy vibrant tree, the soil must be fertilised and prepared properly. NLP does just this; it prepares the mind and puts it in a state of excellence so you are able to blossom into the magnificent tree you are destined to be.

The greatest investment you will ever make is in yourself. Making that commitment to do whatever is necessary for you to live the life you seek. A coach is someone who will walk alongside you, shining that lantern, guiding you along your journey.  They are there to pour into your life with a goal of adding value in your chosen direction. You are the master of yourself and no one knows you better than you. You already posses all the necessary attributes to create any change you want in life but you just need someone to facilitate you along the way. Human beings are not designed to live an isolated life all alone in a cave or adopt the lone ranger ‘I’ll go it alone’ approach to life. Also, why do we need to? I think people operate at their best when they have the best of other people to bring it out of them. Having a coach can help facilitate you to unlock your true potential and reach your goals far quicker than you would alone. All of this is done in a supportive, empowering, professional and confidential environment. The ‘learnings’ gained through the sessions are irreplaceable as it is not always the end result of what we are seeking that matters most. It is often the person we become as a result of the journey, which signifies real change.

I am a qualified NLP practitioner and Personal Performance coach. My interest in personal growth has extended for many years, many seminars attended, online courses, money invested and a vast library to show for it. I guess where I came from had me always intrigued as to why some individuals are held back by their past while others use their past to create massive change. I always wanted to be that person who would be spurred on by my past to do wonders but it didn’t come to me that easy. I was continuously knocking on doors for answers and it wasn’t until I realised that I had all the answers inside that I started listening to myself and taking action.

I had many unfortunate experiences growing up, made a lot of wrong choices and associated with the wrong people. My choices back then led me to live a life full of crime and drugs. Luckily for me though, I was able to find a way out and turn my life around. Once it really sunk in where my future was heading, I finally said ‘enough is enough, I don’t want to live like this anymore’. I knew if I continued the way I was going, I was facing one of three outcomes. I would either end up drug dependent, doing a lengthy prison sentence or in the morgue. Strangely enough, this was around the same time I heard a recording of a man named Jim Rohn address an audience in America. I wasn’t really paying much attention at the time until he said something that resonated with me and it felt like he was talking directly to me. He said ‘if you will change, everything for you will change. But if you don’t change, nothing for you will change’.   

My life didn’t change overnight but during the process of slowly changing my philosophy, attitude and investing a lot of time in personal growth, I was able to eventually quit taking drugs and disassociate myself from my criminal lifestyle. After attending my first UPW (Unleash the Power Within) event held by Anthony Robbins, I left with a conviction and a promise that from that day onwards, I would raise my standards and commit to being the best version of me. My focus went on improving myself and pursuing to my love for martial arts. This was something I always had an interest in but constantly made excuses not to do. Having devoted my time to it, I quickly excelled in the traditional Japanese Art of Ninjitsu to instructor level. I then went on to compete in what is widely known as Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) or cage fighting as well as progressed in other martial art forms. I had a number of professional fights, gaining two British titles and becoming selected for the first MMA televised reality show called the ‘Ultimate Fighter’. Martial Arts has been a major influence in my life and I have been fortunate to transfer many of the skills and disciplines I learnt to my current life. Being a role model and coach to many of my students is very rewarding and I have seen many of them grow in confidence and ability. I am committed to help bring out the best in them just like I am with my coaching clients.

I still maintain a very healthy active lifestyle but I decided to hang up my gloves from competing. I then went on to pursue a career as a Police Constable for the Metropolitan Police, which has been very interesting to say the least. It has given me an opportunity to help a lot of people and experience things that most people may never in their lifetime.

I have a loving and supporting family who brighten up my world everyday. So why have I chosen to pursue a career in coaching? I guess, although my previous professions and experiences have given me a lot that I am very appreciative for, I believe my true calling has always been to strive to be the best I can be while helping bring out the best in others. I often look back at my life from where I was to where I am now and I am extremely grateful for the change I was able to make. So much so, that I feel compelled to pay this gratitude forward and I believe I have the necessary tools to do just that and bring out greatness in others. What Zig Ziglar said will always resonates in my mind ‘You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want’