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I had the privilege of having Charles Francis as my coach this year.
Prior to our coaching sessions I was underachieving and demotivated in relation to my life goals: wellbeing and career. Having completed all my coaching sessions, I am now more positive and confident in my abilities.
Charles was always willing and able to go that extra mile to delve deeper and challenge my thinking which helped me move forward in achieving my goals. Through his excellent listening and questioning skills he has helped me to identify, challenge and in some cases eliminate my limited thinking and beliefs.
He possesses all the attributes necessary to be an excellent coach; he is diligent, responsive, and yet very patient and supportive. Charles clearly takes pride in doing an excellent job and I would be extremely happy to give him my highest recommendation for anyone desiring to be coached.
— Client: Anneline Corporate Catering Manager

My coaching sessions with charles has been tramendous. Not only has he helped me in the right direction to work on my goals and achieving results but also challenged me to go beyond myself imposed limits which has improved my life greatly.
— Gladys Essien

I had sessions with Charles due to my lack of confidence. My goal was to be and feel more confident physically and mentally. I left every session feeling clearer and more positive. I was given tasks to carry out before the next session, which were agreed by us both and helped me to test myself becoming confident in my abilities. I enjoyed my sessions with Charles and would definitely go back.
— Nyam

I only had 3 sessions with Charles and found that even in this short time, it greatly imporved my self awareness. He helped me to use a pracical framework to identify how I could improve elements of my life that needed help.
He is calm, supportive and an excellent listener. Rather than preaching recommendations or bombarding me with advice , as others had, he probed the issues, questioning me and offering new angles on the situation. He helped me to unravel things for myself and see the obvious steps I could take to improve my situation and have a more postitve outlook. The sessions with Charles have been extremely beneficial for me. He is a very postive and inspirational person and I would highly recommend him.
— Georgina Polonski Sales Manager